Just to make your mouth water…

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I was going through some old photos recently and found some of the amazing meals we have enjoyed whilst in Italy (and yes I am one of these who have to take a photo of good food before I eat it!)

I apologise in advance if it makes you hungry, I know it did me uploading the pics!


Pizza from Mamma Mero’s Lucca

Pizza’s in a small restaurant in Florence.

Fresh focaccia from Paniko’s bakery.

Pasta salad and a glass of vino

Fresh tagliatelle with a carbonara sauce

Pesto Genovese


What’s your favorite Italian food?

Just think this is before I get started on the gelato photos!…….Ok while you wipe the drool away, I’m off to make pasta!




Top 5 Italian Piazza’s

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The Italian piazza has been the center of public life for centuries, with ancient battles once being held in the very same place the locals now gather to gossip and tourists flock to take photographs.

The main squares in Italy form a crossroads, where historic streets and narrow alleyways meet. With every town and city in Italy having at least one they can range from majestic squares decorated with famous landmarks to smaller gathering spots with a simple fountain and the occasional market. Either way they embody the past and present Italian way of life and are a perfect place to relax, enjoy an espresso and people watch. 

Here’s a quick rundown of my top 5 Piazza’s in Italy……….


1. Piazza Michelangelo, Florence – The piazza its self might not be anything special but its the views people come here for. Sitting high up on a hill the square is dedicated to the Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo and offers fantastic panoramic views over Florence.



2. Piazza di Spagna, Rome – Hugely popular with tourist visiting the Spanish Steps, at the foot of the stairs, sits the famous Barcaccia Fountain. The glamorous streets which surround the piazza are home to prestigious boutique and luxury hotels.



3. Piazza della Signora, Florence –  The L-shaped square is an open air museum of sculptures and life, A regular meeting place of Florentine’s as well as tourists. The square is located in front of the Palazzo Vecchio and close to the Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio and Piazza del Doumo.



4. Piazza del Campo, Siena – This medieval square was once a small market but its unusual shell shape is lined with impressive buildings, the centrepiece being the town hall and its imposing tower.




5. Piazza Anfiteatro , Lucca – What was once a roman amphitheatre is now the stage for modern life in Lucca. The piazza has retained is unique oval shape and is now is encased with private homes above little shops, cafe’s and bars. Entering the Piazza you walk through the original Roman arches and columns which are embedded into the facade.



I know….I know..St Marks Square…. Piazza di Trevi… there are so many I have missed off the list……..

Which Italian Piazza do you think I’ve missed out and what would you add to the list?