Padlocks of Paris

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One of the places at the top my list to photograph in Paris was the padlocks on the Pont Neuf bridge, after a visit to Notre Dame I spent some time taking photographs of the many differant padlocks there.

Over the past decade, love locks have popped up in cities across the world, decorated with lovers’ initials, declarations of affection and sometimes even marriage proposals.

 There is an incredible variety of padlocks, from old and rusty to gold-coloured padlocks personalised with laser engravings.

They will probably meet the same fate as those of the Pont des Artes, the first Parisian bridge to be weighed down with the love locks. The worldwide tradition has become so popular, it just isn’t sustainable in citys such as Paris.

In 2015 local authorities were forced to de-lock the entire bridge, removing 45 tons of metal for safety reasons and to protect the structure which was severely stressed from the weight.

Leaving a padlock on the bridge is no different from carving initials into a tree or writing ‘I woz here’ on a bus stop, but it gives us photographers a chance to take some great shots!

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Eiffel Tower in Sepia – Photopost

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What do you think of this vintage Paris image I took in sepia colour effect?



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Panoramic Views from Printemps, Paris…

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There are plenty of places to photograph paris from a height, the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Montparnasse Tower to name just a few. After spending some time researching photography spots in Paris I discovered this almost hidden gem to capture the city skyline.

The Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palais

So if like me want to photograph the Paris skyline for free over a coffee? Head to the top of Printemps Haussmann on Boulevard Haussmann. The posh department store is filled with designer goods and a spacious lift leads you up to a rooftop cafe which is reasonably priced and offers the perfect panoramic view of Paris on a budget. 

Haussmann buildings and the city skyline


Sacre Coeur sitting on top of Paris highest point

Read more on my trip to paris, coming soon!


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Bees on Pink – Photopost

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Now it’s officially summer, here’s a few nature shots from my garden this summer of a bumble bee on a bright pink flower.


Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Black, White and Red Photography – London…

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I’m not the best at black and white photography (so any tips would be appreciated!) but on my last trip to London, I played around with the classic red of the London buses against a black and white background….What do you think?



Please feel free to critique in the comments below…

Taken in London, England.

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Just to make your mouth water…

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I was going through some old photos recently and found some of the amazing meals we have enjoyed whilst in Italy (and yes I am one of these who have to take a photo of good food before I eat it!)

I apologise in advance if it makes you hungry, I know it did me uploading the pics!


Pizza from Mamma Mero’s Lucca

Pizza’s in a small restaurant in Florence.

Fresh focaccia from Paniko’s bakery.

Pasta salad and a glass of vino

Fresh tagliatelle with a carbonara sauce

Pesto Genovese


What’s your favorite Italian food?

Just think this is before I get started on the gelato photos!…….Ok while you wipe the drool away, I’m off to make pasta!