Count to 20 In Italian

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When in Italy you will need to know how to count, so here’s the numbers 1-20 in Italian and a link to a quick video that will have you repeating the numbers in no time at all!
Uno (OO-noh)
Due DOO-eh
Tre (Treh)
Quattro (KWAHT-troh)
Cinque (CHEEN-kweh)
Sei (SEH-ee)
Sette (SET-teh)
Otto (OHT-toh)
Nove (NOH-veh)
10  Dieci (dee-EH-chee)
11 – Undici (OON-dee-chee)
12 – Dodici (DOH-dee-chee)
13 Tredici (TREH-dee-chee)
14  Quattordici (kwaht-TOR-dee-chee)
15 Quindici (KWEEN-dee-chee)
16 Sedici (SEH-dee-chee)
17 Diciassette (dee-chahs-SET-teh)
18 Diciotto (dee-CHOHT-toh)
19 Diciannove (dee-chahn-NOH-veh)
20 Venti (VEN-tee)

And just to help you out here is the video I found useful when learning to count myself  perfect to you get practicing those numbers!

Count to 20 in Italian


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