3 Things to do in Italy on Valentines




February is known throughout the world as Valentine’s Day and with its winding Tuscan wine roads, Romantic landscapes and historic citys, Italy is beyond doubt one of the most romantic places in the world. You could take you loved one to Venice for a special gondola ride or visit the romantic setting of Verona, where you could spend time at Juliette’s balcony.

But what else can you do to make your romantic break super-special?


If your planning on surprising your loved one with an unforgettable Valentines break in Italy. Here’s a few romantic ideas of things to do on that special day.

1. Visit Italy’s Alps – Get you pulse racing with a hike up one the many trails before snuggling up in front of an open fire high up in the dramatic mountains of northern Italy. The Dolomites is a great place to spend a winter weekend, stay in one of the many ski resorts, sleep in a sucluded mountain cabin or cosy up together in an igloo at the igloo village of Piancavallo. Drivers can take their partners breath away with spectaular views over the mountains by taking scenic drive along the great Dolomites Road.

2. Terni, Umbria – The birthplace of St. Valentine host a huge festival and firewirks in his honor, Theres lots of concerts, plays and competitions for both singles and couples. There’s also a huge feast around the Basilica di San Valentino where the “Years Lovers Award” is presented. With a chocolate fair and a “Valentine Marathon” this is a perfect place to spend the lovers holiday.

3. Florence, Tuscany – Take a stroll over the romantic Ponte vecchio, before heading up to the Piazza Michalango to watch the sunset over the most beatutiful city in the world, best enjoyed with a bottle of Prosecco. If arts your thing, after a day of admireing the many passionate paintings in the Uffizi, head to the doumo and hire a horse and cart ride for a sunset tour of the city. What ever you do in Florence this valentines the city will breath romance into your trip.

These are just a few ideas others include, Taking a hot air ballon ride over the rolling hills of Tuscany, Touring vineyards on a Vespa or exploreing Rome.

What ever you do make it special!



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