Tuscany’s World Heritage Sites

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The list is almost 1000 strong, from ancient temples and shrines to forests and mountains. Sites include world wonders such as Yellowstone national park, Ayes Rock, Taj Mahal and the Sydney Opera house! The World wide list comprises of places that must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten selection criteria. Criteria includes, somewhere with special cultural or physical significance, any outstanding examples of earth’s history and creative masterpiece’s of human genius.

Italy boasts 47 UNESCO World Heritage sites which scatter the country like pepperoni on a pizza. From the natural beauty of the Dolomite’s to royal houses and religious monuments…Italy really does have it all!

Tuscany is proud owner or 6 of them, Heres the list………..

The historic centre of Florence – The symbol of the renaissances is surly the most deserving ticking 5 out of ten of the criteria boxes, Added to list in 1982 for extraordinary artistic activity and its lengthy history.


The historic center of Siena – The whole city of Siena is built around the Piazza del Campo, and was devised as a work of art to blends into the surrounding landscape. The committee added this little gem in 1995.



Piazza del Duomo, Pisa – The large green expanse of Piazza del Duomo was added in 1987 and is home to a group of monuments including the learning tower.



The historic center of San Gimignano – The smallest of the sites sits on a hill and is dominated by its 14 medieval towers. Added in 1990 it once served as an important relay point for pilgrims travelling to or from Rome.



Val d’Orcia – Located in central Italy this entire valley region is by far the largest in the area and was added in 2004, the rolling landscape runs through picturesque towns and has been celebrated by painters for centuries.

The historic center of Pienza – One of the small towns in the Vald’Orcia, The historic center was added in 1996 for its Renaissance town-plan which has played a significant part of the urban development in Italy and beyond.


How many of the sites have you ticked off?

*The full list can be seen here http://whc.unesco.org/en/criteria/


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