Pisa, That’s where the tower is right?

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“The Learning Tower” it’s what everyone thinks of when Pisa is mentioned, and what better way to enter Italy than right on the doorstep of one of its most famous attractions. After landing at Pisa airport it only takes a matter of minutes to get to the city centre and the main train station in Pisa is only a short walk to the tourist hot-spot. With budget airlines offering low fares and excellent transport links, You can understand why Pisa is often ca
lled the gateway to Tuscany.


Of course Pisa has a lot more to it than just the tower, but everyone flocks to Campo di Miracoli and almost every time we fly to Pisa we find ourselves at the field of miracles.

All the buildings that surround the bustling piazza lean slightly due to badly laid foundations on dodgy soil but none of them defy gravity quite as much as the free-standing bell tower famously know as the learning tower of Pisa.

The top of the tower is noticeable before you reach the square itself and a lot smaller than I had expected, being only about 55 meters tall, its amazing to think this tower has gained world-wide fame purely on its instability.


After being closed for more than a decade, the landmark was deemed safe and opened for the public to climb in 2001, and you can’t go there are not climb if can you? We have done this once and it is a must do while you are there. After purchasing tickets from the ticket office and waiting your turn, you enter the sloping entrance and into the narrow staircase which spirals around the centre. Climbing the 294 steps, up the eight storeys whilst feeling like your legs are drunk isn’t easy but leads out to some terrific views over the city.

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