Getting to Know Italy

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From the dizzying heights of the Alps in the north to the Mediterranean and very volcanic South, the dramatic variation in climate and landscape means where ever you are in la bella pease your never far from beautiful coasts, alpine lakes or dramatic mountains. Overflowing with history, culture and art, from modern cities with ancient backdrops to quaint hill-top tops in countryside.

The home to greats such as Pavarotti, Verdi, Michelangelo and Leonardo di Vinci to name just a few and famous for its delicious cuisine, trendy fashions and luxury sports cars. The Italians have influenced the western civilization since roman times and even if you think you know nothing about Italy, you probably do and don’t even realise!


Made up of 20 Regions, each of which having their own distinct cultures and charms, the country is then subdivided into a handful of provinces.


Northern Italy is dominated by the po valley and consists of large blue lakes and snow-capped mountains, Home to cities such as Milan, Bologna and Venice it also boasts wealthy resorts along the Italian Riviera.  The Apennine mountain range creates the backbone of Italy and snakes all the way down from the Alps to the toe, creating many major fault lines throughout the land.


Central Italy is the heart of the land and home to the capital city Roma, being the location of some of the most celebrated towns it offers us most in way of relocation. Made up of the regions Lazio, Tuscany, The Marches and Umbria, it offers a wide mix of rugged mountains, sloping valleys and protected coastlines.


Southern Italy runs down from Naples to the heel of the boot and also includes the islands of Sicily and Sardina. The people who travel to the south are usually Italians and every August they leave the cities in the north and head for the regions famous beaches and sub tropic weather.


Boasting the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and an abundant amount of art, there is so much to discover about this diverse and beautiful country, this is just the topping on the pizza.


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