Pizza, Pasta and a dream…

AboutMe, Italy

Italy is a country filled with tradition, culture and charm, the home to so many famous poets, artists and landmarks. With a dramatic landscape which ranges from historical cities, mountainsides dotted with romantic towns looking down over olives groves and vineyards to sweeping coastline and idyllic islands. Its a place where you can in be in the middle of a metropolitan city and still feel over 2000 years of history or a quaint Tuscan village enjoying the local life and sampling the traditional food….

A few years ago, I knew none of this!

My knowledge of Italy extended as far as, it was one on the map shaped like a boot and they had earthquakes. Oh and of course its the land of Pizza, Pasta and Vino!

So, Understandably when my Boyfriend first mentioned his dream of one day selling up and moving to Italy, I thought he was crazy. Wouldn’t you? … But after finding him drooling yet again over picturesque farm houses in idyllic Tuscan villages, I got the message he was seriously thinking about it.

The next thing we knew we were on a flight to Pisa with an itinerary so jammed packed I wondered when we would actually sleep, and that was the beginning of what has now turned into a obsession with a country we both one day wish we will relocate too.

We have since traveled to Italy many times and are gradually exploring all the country has to offer, I have created this blog to document my past and present travels as I try to find out what makes Italy so mesmerising and if I love it enough to leave my friends and family to set up home there.

If there’s anything more you would like to know, just ask me!


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